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Do "ewe" like cute? Do "ewe" like cuddly? Better yet, do "ewe" like cute and
cuddly that includes a game to share and some stories to tell?

We're going to take a risk here and guess that you say Yes! Because
we've got some critters with all the cute and cuddly you could want, and each has a story
to go with its name. And each story is different. Can "ewe"
guess what it is?

SheepTales are coming your way soon. Our shepherds say
the flock is ready to leave its cozy barn in Wichita Falls, Texas to travel
the world. And our flock is growing....stay tuned for more sleepy sheep to
hit stores near you.

It's not just travel for this fabulous flock of personalities. The
shepherds have a sweet dream for each of these fleecy little guys and girls.

We look forward to sharing more about our flock with you. From our barn
in Texas to our shepherds who come from Chicago and New York City, the
East Coast and the West Coast, we're from all over. And our team of illustrators
and our writer all live in Kansas City, Missouri, in the heartland of America.