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We dewe bedtime!

At the end of the day we come home to settle into our evening hours. If
you have children in your life, you navigate the circumstances of the
evening ritual. Tummies are full and the splash and bubbles of baths have
settled. Pajamas and lamplight signal the transition from play to rest and sleep. It's bedtime.

Moms, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Friends and Grandparents too. All of us in our
own individual and unique style tuck our children under the covers and, with
lots of hugs and kisses, we say goodnight to one another. And begin the
journey off to sleep. That's where our sheep come in. Folks have counted
sheep for centuries to go to sleep. And we are those guys......"ewe" can count
on us!

And now you know the dream of our shepherds. SheepTales
were created to do bedtime with "ewe". That's what we dewe.

It is our hope that every single sheep in the flock will add moments of
enchantment and humor to your own personal rituals of bedtime.

We're so thrilled with these little critters that we believe "ewe'll" want more than one of them to enrich your bedtime moments.

SheepTales offer your children the unconditional cuddles
of plush toys. But even more, our sheep promise lots of fun for family and
friends with their irresistible personalities AND a name game.

We dewe bedtime. "Ewe" can count on us!

(Look for hints of our name game by clicking on Meet our Sheep)